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The system must be destroyed...

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I had no expectations about (Obama) and I’m not in the least disillusioned.

The Flatbush Rebellion (via ninjabikeslut)

Revolutionaries believe the police must be destroyed.

In The Thick Of It: Guerre Au Paradis (via ninjabikeslut)

It is not abstractions that can bring an end to oppression, but revolts which are very real and concrete.


Venezuela is living a delicate moment in its history.

People don’t want president Maduro to rule anymore, and they neither like its socialism ideals. Therefore they are protesting in the streets, peacefully.

Of course Maduro and his cabinet want to stay in the power and are using violent ways against the protesters. In the past week there has been over 40 people killed in this protest.

The internet is the only way Venezuelans can inform the rest if the world what’s happening here, because the tv national medias are banned.

We are people with stones fighting against bullets! This is genocide, WE NEED HELP!

Immortal Technique

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Although many people define ‘success’ in terms of material wealth and control, there are a lot of people whose idea of success is just to be free and equal.
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